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Agreement between Sales Executive & Arya Smart Marketing Pvt Ltd

  • Please read the terms & conditions and mentioned policy below, before purchasing any product or services from Arya Smart Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
  • Agreement also provides information on how to become Sales Executive of ASMPL.
  • Arya Smart Marketing Pvt. Ltd. in incorporated under the act 1956, and having it’s registered office in Dhanbad, Jharkhand (India), running business in the name of style is Arya Smart Marketing Pvt. Ltd., (ASMPL), company is engaged into the business of direct selling (multi-level marketing).
  • For smooth running of the business of direct selling, ASMPL has certain rules and regulation, marketing plan and other terms and conditions. ASMPL exclusively uses their website to display the details of the products, marketing methods, business monitoring, while uses the word of mouth publicity to promote and create awareness about the website and its products.

Registration and Activation

  • Registration for Consumer or Sales Executive with Arya Smart Marketing Pvt. Ltd.(ASMPL) is absolutely free.
  • The Sales Executive needs to activate the sponsorship business ID by personal purchase Of ASMPL products of his/her choice and after his/her first repurchase can sponsor / refer any person.


  • A business associate must be at least 18 years of age.
  • He/she must be mentally sound to handle and manage the business.
  • At the time of registration for Sales Executive should upload scan copy of PAN CARD, ID Proof (Voter Card/ Aadhar Card) & front and last page of bank passbook with current transaction, and also upload yourself photo.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • For Consumer: - Cancellation can be done within 15 days from the order / purchase date and refund will be credited after deduction of necessary processing change (i.e. handling packing charge if required ).
  • For Sales Executive: - He/she reporting to the ASMPL registered office via Ticket (Online) or    e-mail immediately within 24 hours from the date and time of invoice and products must reach within 48 hours at ASMPL franchise / authorized counter (from where products has been purchased).Refund policy does not apply to products that have been intensely damaged or misused.
  • The Refund policy is applicable only for products in unusable condition, or partially used products (not consumed more than 25%)
  • Once company will receive the refund products, amount will be credited in your account within 15 days.

Request and Complain

  • Any type of complain or request/suggestion can send via registered e-mail of company or send a ticket.
  • Request will be resolved within 30 days from date of receiving.
  • Shipping and Delivery Policy (For Online Purchase)
  • Delivery of our service will be confirmed on your registered ID of ASMPL.

Ethics & Rule of Conduct

  • Anyone not allow for repacking / relabeling or change ultra of the packing label.
  • The Sales Executive shall not misguide to anyone regarding Products/Services/Opportunity promote as per details mentioned on the product literature or as per mentioned at website of ASMPL (
  • Every Sales Executive must carry his/her identity card at the time of marketing promotion.
  • Normal consumer can not authorize for products selling and business promotion, they can purchase product only for self-consumer purpose.
  • Sales Executive shall not sale any ASMPL product for a price exceeding the maximum selling price (MRP).
  • Sales Executive has the duty to support and train his/her sponsor down line and should conduct training & meeting time to time with team.
  • ASMPL reserves the soul right to change, rectify and to assume the business plan and rule & regulation, policy, terms & conditions from time to time.
  • Upon the death of Sales Executive the ID shall stand transferred to the nominee, mentioned in the Sales Executive application form, who will be entitled to receive all benefits. This will be done on the death certificate and other necessary papers being submitted to the company registered office with an application by the nominee.

Termination of Agreement

  • The Sales Executive (independent distributor) agree that the company reserve the right to suspend and even terminate this agreement at any time by giving a notice through mail/SMS to the distributer, due to negligence, false claim misrepresentation untechnical business practices nonperformance, breach of any terms and conditions of this agreement, indirect violation of the existing policies and guideline of the company which is considered as a serious breach.
  • TDS and any other application deduction will be charged to the distributor by the company as per government rule and also company will deduct service charge for promotion material (i.e. handbill, poster, sticker, banner etc.)
  • A Sales Executive shall not sponsor any person who has been already sponsored by another person as Sales Executive of the company.
  • I can read & understood the all terms and conditions for Sales Executive (independent distributorship) of the company.
  • I have also gone through the company official website, printed materials brochures and convinced about the business and I have applied for the distributorship on my volition.
  • I declare that I have not been given an assurance or promise by the company or its senior level distributors, as to any income an account of the product purchase made by me. However, I am made to understand that I will eligible for income (incentives) rewarded award depending upon the volume of business done by me.
  • I agree that as a Sales Executive, I will execute my activities in legal form with ethics & morals, and I will make every effort to promote the sell and the use of the services or products offered by the company to the general public.
  • I agree to obey all Central, State and locals laws, governing the operations of the business of Arya Smart Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
  • I hereby agree to submit all disputes to arbitration as provided in the terms & conditions of the company.
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